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Hosting A Training Session

We welcome all agencies to host a training a sessions with our trainers.
1.  The courses must be well marketed: The sponsoring party promotes the session to other trainers, agencies, departments, officers etc. This is done through teletypes through your agency, phone, fax, and email. We will assist you in your effort by placing your course on our training calendar as well as emailing it to all our major contacts.

2. Dates need to be set: We would prefer all bookings to be completed within 4-5 months in advance but we can work on getting the courses to you sooner with a coordinated effort. Keep in mind that many of our consultant/trainers are actively involved in the law enforcement or security specialist field so we try to work around our work schedules as well as your schedules. Also take into consideration if you have a trust fund or grant money that needs to be spent by a certain date on either equipment or training, we would like to be informed of this to help to get the courses going.

3.  Location determined: You must be able to access or provide a facility that offers both classroom and training area. Classroom must have a LCD projector or white board overhead. We bring our projectors as well but as we may know “Murphy’s Law may take affect”. Mats are recommended to help us in the “Real Time” training arena particularly when conducting full throttle drills. Well-carpeted areas would be sufficient as well.

4.  Hotel Referrals: Provide a list of hotels for traveling attendees and teaching staff.

5.  Co-sponsoring: Agencies can combine resources to sponsor a course. E.G.: By splitting the base fee with other agencies the total commitment is divided, which is much more palatable for accounting and often easy to fill as each agency can be responsible for their share of slots and either promote it in their region or select key personnel.

6.  Liability waiver and insurance: Our training is extremely safety conscious and all training systems and evolutions are closely explained and monitored. As consultants and trainers, our job is to transfer the safest and easiest way to improve performance. However, we all must appreciate that any time there is physical activity there is risk. Most agencies or training facilities already have a comprehensive policy. However, we want to confirm that students will be able to sign your agency's waiver, and that the training staff is covered as well. Please advise us if you do not have coverage of this type. In addition to this we will ask of every student to read, understand and sign our hold harmless waiver and liability form prior to any training.

7.  Additional Information on Training: Training evolutions can be video taped. All video training evolutions and their explanations can be video taped. If they are video taped, an un-edited copy must be made available for our records. This policy has dual benefits: First, it provides host agencies with a training record that will ensure greater retention and proper use of the tactics. Secondly, it serves to protect everyone attending the course by documenting the specific SOP’s and evolutions of the training.

8.  Cancellation policy: We will establish a cut-off date whereby we postpone or cancel the session if for any reason this course does not fill adequately. We will still provide the training even if the class is smaller than we expected but keep in mind, we have staff that will be traveling to your location. This type of travel includes our staff having lodging needs and airfare travel.

9.  Host agency slots: FREE 2 "up to" 6 slots provided the turnout meets our minimums and all travel and professional fees are fulfilled.

10.  Payment: Professional fees are payable prior to training or at completion of services. Fees are to be in U.S. funds or equivalent. We realize many agencies require the 30-day processing time and that is no problem. We just ask for advanced notice on payment type.

11.  Specialized Payments: Trust fund, Purchase Orders, Business Credit Cards, Agency co-sponsor or slots. It needs to be determined if this will be a contract, i.e. Purchase Orders, Trust Funded, Business Credit Card or will the participants be paying by slot.



Only our staff trainers from Awareness Protective Consultants LLC will teach our courses. All of our instructors are active police officers, military, firefighters or retired from their respective agencies. During our courses, we will have a minimum of 2 instructors in the class. During the larger scale training courses, we will have 2 or more instructors available for the class.


Class sizes vary according to the curriculum and the desired student to teacher ratio for optimum learning. Classes can be larger than the recommended limit but a second instructor or more must be present for safety and to meet the learning objectives. If your facility can accommodate, so can we. Financially, adding a second or third trainer to accommodate more students is easier than trying to reschedule a second class.

All of our courses can be customized to fit your respective agency needs gearing towards your agencies specific objectives. Please contact us in regards to this type of training setting. All courses include handout training materials and certificates of training.


While training is a must for any agency, there is much time and preparation spent on building lesson plans and coordinating with our instructor staff that is comprised of current and former police SWAT trainers, Corrections Trainers and Counter Terrorism Trainers. Please advise us in advance if your agency will be paying through purchase order systems, grant/trust funded or if officers will be paying on their own. Having ample preparation time for the courses will help our team put together the proper amount of handouts and power point presentations for each class. We thank you for your assistance in this area.


Often we may have courses that are state/agency funded and out-of-state officers or participants may not be able to attend. Keep in mind that we advertise our courses on our website and many inquiries may come our way. Please let us know in advance if this creates a problem with your agency.


Much of our training consists of Force-On-Force operations included with the classroom portions. We like to have adequate training sites for our force- on-force operations as well. What we mean by this is we need to have a location that we can utilize our training equipment and it will not be a problem in using these systems. I.e. old building, residential or corporate that will give the more “real time” training affect


Remember, we are consultants as well as trainers and we would be more than happy to come to your facility to check out your training gear and agency protocol. We would ask for advanced notice in this area so there is no training schedule mix-ups. Contact us at any time.


Understand that if you are an agency that conducts training in half-speed mode, your end-users will work at half speed in the “real-time” environment. We cannot stress enough the value of good training. Being “tough” in the streets is not an acceptable method to bring to your personnel. You are either “trained” or “untrained” and the lack of training will bring a huge liability to your agency and to your current agency’s certified training staff.

If there are any questions or additional information you may require, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-866-634-3373 or email us at info@apcsecurities.net.