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The Master Instructor:


Jose Medina, Master Trainer and Developer of the R.A.P.AIR™ Force-On-Force Instructor Course.

President, Founder, Director of Training Operations, Awareness Protective Consultants LLC

Area of expertise:
Police Narcotics Detective, Gang Intelligence Specialist, SWAT Trainer, Entry Leader, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance Specialist, Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Police Academy Instructor, Tactical Physical Conditioning Instructor, Assault Rifle Trainer, Sub-Machine Gun Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Force-On-Force Trainer 

Jose Medina continues to research and develop more simplistic yet very effective methods in training concepts in areas such as tactical training for specialized units, tactical training for every day police functions, correction officer and correctional CERT operators, as well as military and advanced security specialists.

Jose Medina has networked with thousands of police officers from across the nation and has trained with some of the most elite instructors in the world for over 15 years. With his experience in the training field, Jose Medina is always open to new training concepts and techniques.

"All true trainers regardless of their trade, should have a passion and love for training and teaching others." --Jose Medina