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RAP4 Review - RAP5 Review


RAP4 Review
Design:   5
Performance:   4
Ease of Use:   5
Size:   NA
Quality:   4
Durability:   5
Storage:   5
Versatility:   5
Convenience:   4
Application:   5
Comfort:   NA
Cleaning/Maintenance:   5
Accuracy:   4.5
Individual Score:   4.68

There is no substitute for good realistic training. The M4 RAM (Real Action Marker) paintball gun provides that. Throughout the last few months I had the opportunity to test and play with the M4 RAM. Few markers are as realistic as this one is. The M4 RAM looks and functions as if you had a Colt M4 in your hands. This marker is as realistic as it gets.

The M4 RAM is about 32'' in length and weighs 6.4 pounds. The body and barrel are constructed of metal. The hand guard, grip and adjustable stock are plastic. The rear sight system is adjustable for windage and elevation just like the real M4. The M4 RAM comes to life when you screw in the Co2 or Nitrogen tank from the rear behind the forward assist lever. The great design feature about this marker that others don't have is that the adjustable 4 position stock inserts right into the air tank making it almost invisible and out of the way. It is magazine fed opposed to conventional markers that are fed by a hopper. The magazine looks as inserts just like the real M4. It is spring loaded and holds 20 markers. The markers come in either .43 or .40 caliber. Each marker is inside a plastic or alloy case. The neat thing the M4 RAM is that when you shoot it the casing that held the marker actually ejects out of the weapon like a real firearm. The markers come in small boxes that hold 40. The cost for one box is about $2.30.

I found that the accuracy was great. At 20 yards I was hitting point of aim point of impact. I can tell you from personal experience, when you get shot with the M4 RAM you are going to know it. I got shot three times from a distance of about 5 yards. It left a small red ring but did not break the skin. The velocity is adjustable from 200 - 280 feet per second. Although I do not suggest maximum velocity for close quarter drills. I did not experience any malfunctions while shooting the M4 RAM

I am a big proponent of force-on-force training. The M4 RAM was designed for tactical law enforcement and military teams with that just in mind. The realism that one experiences with this type of training is priceless. The pain one experiences when making a mistake and getting shot with a marker fly at 200 fps is mentally imprinted for ever. Pain is the ultimate teacher. I strongly recommend this weapon for any tactical teams that are not currently training in a force-on-force environment.


RAP5 Review

Design:   5
Performance:   4
Ease of Use:   4
Size:   5
Quality:   4
Durability:   4
Storage:   3
Versatility:   3
Convenience:   4
Application:   4
Comfort:   NA
Cleaning/Maintenance:   3.5
Accuracy:   4
Individual Score:   3.96

In today’s world there is no substitute for realistic force-on-force tactical training. The folks from Asia Paintball are on the leading edge of that realism with their line of paintball markers designed just for law enforcement and military.

I had the opportunity to evaluate the Real Action Marker. This marker is an exact replica of the MP5. It has a colored tip for safety so there no confusion from the real MP5. It carries the Co2 tank inside the butt stock.
To install or remove the tank you simply slip the butt stock locking pin and remove the stock. The tank holds 45gram (1.4oz) of Co2 or Nitrogen. One tank can fire 200-250 rounds.

The magazine removes and inserts just like the real thing. It holds 20 rounds of .43 caliber paint balls or hard rubber balls. The neat thing about this marker is that each round is inside a plastic or aluminum casing. When the round is fire it ejects the casing much like a real weapon. The effective range is 100ft. I engaged someone at about 50 feet during training and it got their attention real quick. The velocity can be adjusted depending on your training environment.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the selector options are safe, semi, and full. The charging handle, although plays no part in the operation of the marker, functions just like the real thing. This is a great feature because the operator can practice malfunction drills and loading and unloading drills. The full auto option worked great. I shot about 200 rounds through mine and never had one malfunction in full auto.

When you get your marker it comes with a cleaning kit. The maintenance is fast and simple. With the cleaning wire and a clean cloth, pass the wire through the ejection port and out the muzzle. Repeat until clean.

The body is made of hard plastic. I dropped tested it several times and it ran fine. It comes with sling attachments for a three point sling. There are many options that can be added such as light hand grips, larger air tanks, laser pointers, sights and much more.

As a Close Quarter Battle training tool I strongly recommend this product.
The realism and feel is incredible. The options available are more then you will ever receive with a standard paint ball gun. The velocities of the balls are effective and a great learning tool. Let there be no mistake, one of the principles of force-on-force training is pain. Working through the pain and the lessons pain teaches us. You will never put your hand on a hot stove twice.