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MOD Pouches for the RAP4 Tactical Vest
MOD Pouches attach to our vests through a MOLLE system--the standard design in military and law enforcement gear! That means our MOD pouches are mil-spec and compatible with all standard MOLLE gear.  the pouches are for Paintball Vest
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T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom Paintball Markers                              

The new paintball markers are designed for long-range attacks on impossible targets. They are designed and built with the most innovative technology in the modern paintball industry. Read more on what these markers can do.

Choose Your Battle Terrain!                            

Introducing even more colors Paintball Vest. The vest is designed with all the pouches in the front so that they are fully accessible at all times. This design follows the basic principle of "real" battle vests. More on paintball vest.

Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher

This grenade launcher pistol offers more than just a mount on system, it can also be used as a stand alone grenade launcher as well. The Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher can be mounted on all standard railing system and is compatible with all thunder grenade shells . The new system has a side ejection for quick reload. Read more on this grenade launcher.

Grenade Launcher Pistol

AG1 Air Regulator

Turn your paintball gun into a virtual war-machine with the AG1 Air Regulator. Ever wonder why you get out-gunned by your opponents?
Looking for a way to gain an edge and even the odds?
Add the AG1 Air Regulator to your marker for unsurpassed firing power and rule the battlefield. Find out more on the paintball air regulator


New Tactical Paintball Vest Colors and Cross Draw Holster

The Tactical Paintball Vest have awesome new colors: Desert Camo and Olive Drab. The new cross draw holsters are now available for the vest.
More information on our paintball vest


Best in the West using RAP17 and RAP4 LE in SWAT Competition
RAP17 and RAP4 LE will be used in the "six-person team". Four officers carrying pistol (RAP17) and two carrying rifle (RAP4 LE). The team must go through an obstacle course of vehicles, at the end of which the officers must engage live "bad-guy" targets. The participants then progress through obstacle testing the team reaction time and target-identification abilities under stress.  The targets presenting "hostage" situations, it requires the team to physically force entry into a fortified stronghold identify and neutralize numerous threats and rescue a real-weight "hostage" dummy. More on the SWAT Competition

RAP AIR Live Fire Scenario Training Course at 2006 ASLET Conference

RAP AIR courses are incorporate with Real Action Paintball's product,
utilize the latest air powered pistol and rifle that encompass the students a safe and effective way to train in a live-fire-environment. The course emphasis the use on force-on-force exercises against other students, where the basic skills are used under stress. RAP AIR course training concepts can take multiple live-fire drills and convert them to a force-on-force exercise replacing static targets with role players that provide realistic target movement as well as return fire. More information on about ASLET 2006 Conference.

New Product: T68 CQB (Close Quarter Battle) the highly celebrated T68 version of the T Series paintball gun to ever be released. The T68 CQB is designed for a high-speed game that calls for instant and precise execution. This unit is manufactured for full-blown combat such as the
Atom Smasher Trigger System for fast and furious shooting. The T68 CQB is best for individuals who want to take part in tactical paintball where shots are made to hit the enemy and not just random shooting (spraying and praying). The T68 CQB has the advanced hammer and power spring that can receive a head shot at 150 feet, max range is 300 feet. The T68 CQB uses standard .68 caliber paintball and can be used at any paintball fields. More on T68 paintball gun.

The new Tactical Paintball Vest for  Airsoft, paintball and tactical training.
The new Tactical Vest can be organized to accommodate paintball pods, standard AR magazine, standard MP5 magazine, all sizes of CO2 cylinders and air tanks (HPA). The vest pouches are interchangeable and can be very easily configured to the user's requirements. Each pouch can be moved from left to right or front to back. Each pouch is also Velcro firmly in place with steel buttons for added support.

The new T68 Paintball Pistol has the fastest Co2 replacement system ever.  With this new system changing Co2 is not longer a hassle, it takes only seconds. More on the paintball pistol
Key features:
  - .68 Caliber System
  - Semi-Automatic Fire
  - 10 Round Removable Magazine
  - New Delrin Bolt Design
  - Quick Release Magazine
  - High Grade Metal Body Construction
  - Anti Double Feed System
  - Precision Barrel
  - Quick Co2 Replacement
  - Adjustable Velocity from 250-300+ fps
  - Range: 0-150+ Feet
  - Cycle Rate: 16 BPS (max)

Phantom Hand Guard, this handguard fits all standard paintball gun barrels. It doesn't get any better than this! The Phantom Handguard Series. It's 100% all metal construction is not only durable it's universal and versatile. Find out more about this custom handguard for paintball gun
Phantom Hand Guard It's design is top of the line. All around the front half of the guard is a square grid pattern made up of fine precision cuts incised just below the surface of the guard. This subtle texture provides a "No Slip Grip". Compatible with most markers on the market today - it can be install with ease. This is the perfect replacement for any standard plastic handguard. For the "Real Feel" this is the "Real Deal".

Man-to-man, force-on-force training: RAP4 now offering live fire training scenarios to police, military and security agencies. Our courses teach familiarization of the weapon training systems consisting of RAP4 LE and T16 LE and how they work in the training arena. Find more on our training solution for you and your agency.

More paint colors: we have added 2 new colors: yellow and orange for .43 caliber paintballs. The new colors yield the best performance with its new gelatin formula. These new paintball colors are resized and formulated to work  best with RAP4 LE, RAP5 LE, RAP17 LE, RAP47 and T16 LE. More paintball sizes

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven
RAP4 celebrity spokesman.

Real Action Paintball Proudly Announces Jeremy VanSchoonhoven Celebrity Spokesman: Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is a National Bike Trials Champion, an intensifying extreme sport that the participant rides a mountain bike over obstacles for example big boulder/rocks, vehicles, logs, tables, and off the roofs of buildings.

Jeremy is a Champion Observed Trials Rider - a challenging extreme sport where the rider steers through an obstacle course without letting his feet touch the ground. Jeremy who is currently ranked #1 in the United States, has excited thousands of people with his tricks and stunts. Jeremy's astonishing demonstrations have him jumping, bounding and springing over vehicles, boulders, trees, and numerous other props and obstacles.

See Jeremy
doing air jump:

Jeremy is the youngest professional in the history of USA cycling. He does well over 60 exhibitions and competitions yearly at an assortment of events which include half-time shows, rodeos, motor sports events, corporate meetings and bicycle safety demos at schools. Check out the video of what Jeremy can do on his bike: Click here for complete story