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M16 Sniper Storm (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

M16 Sniper Storm (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

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More information and specification

M16 Sniper Storm:
This setup is the best if you are a sniper and like to make your shots count. This configuration comes with a sniper barrel and a sniper scope, along with the patent-pending Flexi Air system installed. It has an option to connect a remote line directly to the stock.

The Storm has a universal design for recreational paintball, woodsball, scenario paintball, air ball, XBall and tournament paintball. The Storm can be modified to an ideal version for each of these paintball less than a minute per conversion! The attachments are plug-and-play, it is extremely easy to use, and simple to upgrade and operate.

The Storm is amazingly easy to maintain, taking only ten seconds to fieldstrip. You can fieldstrip it, clean the internals, oil the o-rings, and reassemble it in less than a minute. The Storm is designed for durability and ease of use, and is designed with paintball players in mind.

The Storm’s velocity is adjustable from 200 to more than 300 feet per second, with a maximum range of 300 feet and effective range of 150 feet. The Storm has an option to upgrade the trigger assembly to the Firestorm trigger system, which enables it to shoot semi, burst, and full-auto. The burst can be 3 or 6 shots, and full-auto can shoot 7 or 13 balls per second.

The Storm has endless configurations and options, and all the accessories and attachments are completely interchangeable from one to another. The Storm is the best paintball marker for those who want to play all the different types of paintball games, and not have to buy different markers.
"a storm is coming"



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