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Real Action Paintball for Military and Law Enforcement

We are pleased to introduce new solutions for riot control and live fire training. Our solutions are designed to contain or subdue individuals and groups when non-lethal force is appropriate. Utilizing full automatic operation with adjustable rates of fire and our riot control agents, we offer the best and latest compliance systems currently on the market. In addition, our products can be used for live fire tactical training without fear of serious injury or costly simulations. Never before have military or law enforcement systems that are safe, effective, and simple to use embody so many useful and positive characteristics.

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NTOA Review
 Reviews by
the NTOA

"This marker is as realistic as it gets...The M4 RAM was designed for tactical law enforcement"
National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

"These replicas are ideal for force-on-force training"
--S.W.A.T Magazine

"M4 RAM for force on force training...Such accurate copies that I defy anyone to tell the difference", "The latest and most realistic"
Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine


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We offer special pricing for Law Enforcement, Military and Security personnel, please click here for more information.

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Evaluation Program
RAP4 has special evaluation program for Law Enforcement, Military and Security departments. Please fill this evaluation request form to get started.

RAP4 brings to you the ultimate force-on-force instructor training course designed for better development of end user use of force alternatives. Incorporating RAP4's cartridges in a 3-day training course will enhance your mental and physical tactical skills while at the same time developing your educational awareness on your agency's use of force policies and theory behind controlled force options.

This training program will make future instructors work with the RAP4 safely and more importantly, create safe but "real time" training scenarios that will be consistent with that of the active shooter, ambush style entries, terrorism active shooter assaults, improvised devices observations, physical unarmed assailant confrontations to basic entry and target acquisitions.
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