Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

Situation Reason Solutions
Not shooting during press the trigger.
  1. Cylinder is empty
  2. Forgot to turn on the cylinder
  3. Jammed Paintball case in the barrel
  • Change cylinder;
  • Turn on the cylinder;
  • Take off the Magazine and take out the paintball case;
Shooting distance is not in the normal range 1. Maker core is leaking gas
  1. Use the Pressure Meter to check the pressure if it is right (usually within 20-22 lb)
  2. Change #4140 O-ring
2. #4146 is worn out. Change the #4146
3. Barrel is loose Tighten up the #4257
Cartridge doesn't eject #4152 & #4153 is broken Change the #4152 & #4153
  • Suggest that after each use, clean / dry up the barrel and put on some lubricant oil for protection.
  • DO NOT store the RAM or accessories in a place over 45C.